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Last Wednesday, I was sitting at my desk at Geneva, post staff meeting, when I got a call from the headmaster of FCA.  FCA is Faith Christian Academy, the school affiliated with Living Waters (my “other church”, as I call it to all the Presbyterians who don’t understand why I’m not an official member of Geneva).  I’ve worked at FCA off and on for the past four years, as a camp counselor for its summer program and then as a substitute teacher.  It’s a small school – as in, there are 30 students in its middle school classes.  And two-thirds of the kids know me either from church or from camp, which makes being a sub interesting, since I’ve been “Miss Lauren” to them for years and they’re used to seeing me in gym shorts with no makeup on.  But they’re pretty much my favorite group of kids, and the main reason I keep coming back to summer camp year after year.  (That, and the $8.25 they pay me, which almost covers the gas it takes to drive to Fernandina from Jacksonville…)

So anyway, after subbing a couple of times this year, I got a call from the headmaster.  Apparently, the 4th/5th grade teacher resigned a week before the first quarter ended, and due to a long and complicated series of events, FCA now needs someone to teach 6th grade Social Studies and 7th/8th grade Science until they replace the 4th/5th teacher.  And that someone is me.  I’ll be there at least a couple of weeks, and possibly longer.  I guess we’ll see.  For now, it’s teaching experience, a paycheck, and a chance to hang out with my kids and try to pretend I don’t think it’s hilarious when they do things like ask questions about poop and strip in the middle of class.  Maybe I’m not mature enough for middle school yet…


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