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I’ve been unemployed since September 1.  I say unemployed, really I’m working part-time at a church, Geneva Presbyterian.  I manage the curriculum for Geneva’s youth program, and also hang out with the youth group.  Tonight, I’m going to a play that two of my kids are in; it’s a great job.

But 20 hours a week on a ministry salary doesn’t exactly pay the bills, and since I only work Sundays and evenings, I am, for all intents and purposes, unemployed.  So I’ve been going through the process a lot of my college friends are familiar with, scanning online job boards and trying to figure out what exactly my political science degree is good for.  (Answer: working at Target, impassioned rants about the evils of capitalism.)

I say all this not to whine about how depressing it is to not have a job, but to remind myself to make the most of it.  Coming out of a summer where I worked 65 hours a week, I know how valuable free time is.  I have lots of it right now, and I intended to put it to good use, starting September 1.  Instead, I’ve spent lots of time steam-cleaning my carpet, reading novels, and watching The Office with my sister.

I started this blog partly as a way to hold myself accountable – then subsequently went a week without posting anything on it.  Follow-through is not my greatest gift, what can I say?  So now I’m refocusing.  Now I have to fill my time with noteworthy things in order to have something to write about here.  Right?

Tomorrow’s project: celebrating Oktoberfest.  Note: this will involve food.  And beer.  I’ll keep you posted.


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Living between the brackets…

I don’t do titles.  Seriously.  I took a fiction writing class in college that required me to actually finish a short story.  I’m not really in the habit of finishing things that I start, but two all-nighters and thirteen cups of coffee later, I did.  Except for the title.  I couldn’t stand to take the very soul of what I’d just written and condense it into a defining word or phrase, to take something once alive and flatten it down into ink on paper.  In the end, I called it “Stories about Mustard”, an inside joke with my classmates and the best way I could think of to skirt the assignment.  My prof laughed at me and let it slide.

Maybe I tend to overthink things, or maybe this hesitancy to summarize says something about my character.  Here we could go into a long philosophical discussion about the part of human nature that struggles against being labeled and yet strives to define itself.  Let’s skip it.  The point is, I don’t do titles.  So when I decided to do the blog thing, I put off starting for a long time because I really didn’t want to “call” my blog anything.  So I’m skirting the assignment once again.

The word “undefined” can mean both “infinite” and “vague”.  Ambiguous, hmm?  And I like the paradox of a word that is, by definition, undefined.  I’m choosing the one word I can think of that won’t limit me.  Take that, system.

I had a friend in high school who had more intelligence than he knew what to do with.  He started a band called Quantum X Theory.  The theory was that an x placed between brackets represented anything and everything, all possible sets*.  This had something to do with quantum physics and being a smart ass, and made my English teacher really mad when he turned in a paper with (X) on the first page.  As a theory, I thought it was insane and brilliant.

So welcome to [Undefined], where I will write about whatever I want.  I’m a little schizophrenic, so this could get interesting…

*to my math and science friends: sorry for misusing/ abusing your terminology.  Clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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